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When you build a school, different needs arise around it. Construction costs, supplies, electricity, teachers’ salaries and very often in these regions food for the children who suffer from deficiencies and for their families in order to compensate for the loss of earnings of the schoolchild. Everyone can therefore help us bring this project to life on their own scale. By giving to Lyli Association, it is to these children that you are giving, it is to give birth to a smile on their face and allow them to choose their future.


All donations are donated directly to the cause. The members of the association are not remunerated and their costs are their responsibility whether for travel, accommodation or any type of expense. We believe it is essential to be transparent.


Tax exemption:

The recognition of general interest by the French state of Lyli Association allows you to reduce taxation donations

When you donate via HELLOASSO you automatically receive a donation receipt for tax exemption, via email.

For example, a donation of 50 euros will actually cost you 17 euros.